Our vegan and gluten-free fruit and nut based bars and granola are infused with red and yellow beet powder along with a combination of antioxidants and superfoods to provide energy and support endurance. Our bars and granola are both nutritious and delicious with no added sugars. We are committed to reducing waste, so all of our labels and product packaging are 100% compostable.

By far one of the best tasting energy bar I have ever had!! I Can't wait to sample all your delicious and nutritional flavors! Thank you for creating a healthy alternative snack!

-Joanne, Beverly

This is the best kind of energy bar - something that makes you feel good after you eat it - satisfied and naturally energized. The lemon blueberry bar is my favorite so far but I can’t wait to try the others. The flavors are distinct but not overpowering. I will be stocking up for sure!

-Bethany, West Newbury

Yummmmm! The granola is delicious & packed with the perfect balance of crunch, natural sweet and subtle spice. So good. I am also a big fan of the beet bars—brilliant combination of flavors and I feel good knowing it’s all natural.

-Jessica, Beverly

So glad I found Beet Your Best Bars. A delicious vegan bar with protein and no chemicals added is a rare find. Try the ginger carrot cake, so yummy!

-Sharon, Beverly

I purchased all four flavors of the energy bars after tasting the samples at the Farmers Market in Gloucester. I couldn’t pick a favorite, they’re all delicious and contain wholesome ingredients. I highly recommend them. I sampled the granola also, very tasty.

-Elaine, Gloucester

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